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April 2012 Newsletter

03 April 2012 – April 2012 Newsletter


Welcome to the autumn edition of our newsletter.

It has been forgettable summer weather wise. More wet days and longer nights are upon us.

We can reflect upon another successful Chinese New Year Festival and Market Day. Again, it was a wonderful community effort which brought off another successful event.

The Lantern Festival in Albert Park was another wonderful event and we were participants again through our riddles tent. Riddles are a traditional pastime at Lantern Festival and our tent, again, proved to be a very popular attraction. Thanks again to the Thomas Doo Trust and Fresher Foods Limited for sponsoring the prizes.

Membership renewals have been due since the beginning of the year. Please remember to renew your memberships. If you know of anybody who might have moved since last year, please tell them to pass on their new address details to us so that we may update our records. We rely on a strong membership, so please tell your friends who are not members already to join up.

I also want to mention some forthcoming events. On May 12, is the bi-annual social dance, and we are celebrating the founding of the Community Centre with a banquet dinner on Saturday, June 9. This used to be an annual event and, if there is sufficient demand, we will revive the dinner. Please make up a table with your friends for what should be a great night.

Warm regards,
Arthur Loo




今年在Albert Park的元宵節也是另一個很好的活動,我們也在一次為大家帶來猜燈謎。猜燈謎是一個元宵節和我們的傳統,而且還一如過往般受歡迎。感謝Thomas Doo Trust和Fresher Foods Limited贊助獎品。




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Translations翻譯: Bevan Chuang

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