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2012 Chinee New Year Festival and Market Day

Thousands celebrated the Year of Dragon

Auckland Chinese Community Centre is proud to host of the annual Chinese New Year celebration at ASB Showgrounds on 21 January 2012. The 20 years old Festival attracted more than 100,000 people this year.

€oeChinese New Year celebration has always been popular,€¯ says Mr Arthur Loo, chairman of Auckland Chinese Community Centre. €oeAnd we are delighted to see people from Chinese and non-Chinese community attended our event.€¯

€oeWe are honoured to have the shadow puppet from Gansu, China this year,€¯ Loo continues. €oeThey came all the way from North-Western China, away from their families and missed the opportunity to celebrate the New Year with Premiere Wan Jiabao, to be here with us in Auckland.€¯

€oeThe stalls were popular as usual, some stalls ran out of food and goods by 2pm,€¯ says Loo, €oeeveryone enjoyed themselves with the number of retails and entertainment programme available on the day.€¯

€oeJust wanted to say thanks so much for helping us out with the competition,€¯ says Trudy Kirkbeck of NZ Post. €oeOur products flew out the door! We are looking forward to attending next year€TMs event.€¯

€oeIt is our pleasure to have the continue support from the Prime Minister, Consulate General of Peoples Republic of China, and other dignitaries. Our festival can only be as successful as it has been, thanks to our sponsors such as, ANZ National Bank, SKYCITY Auckland, and dedicated volunteer.€¯ Loo says.

China is now the second largest trading partner with New Zealand. New Zealanders have been attending Chinese New Year events regionally and nationally every year. 2012 marks the Year of Dragon, a year where one can overcome any challenges and weak points that stand on his way to success. This year also mark a year of natural disaster as it is a year of new beginnings and resettling.

Famous Dragons include Abraham Lincoln, John Lennon, Shirley Temple, Ringle Starr, Charles Darwin, and Bruce Lee. Famous NZ Dragons include Maurice Wilkins, Russell Crowe, David Shearer and John Banks.

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  • ACCC Chairman Mr Arthur Loo
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